4 Island Rules and Regulations

1. General rules
• By entering the recreational mountain stage cycling race Adria Bike 4 ISLANDS, which is organised by HD Navigatio Ltd., one is entitled to participate in the Adria Bike 4 ISLANDS, recreational mountain cycling stage race which will be held from April 19th- 23th 2017. in the area of the Kvarner Islands (Krk, Rab, Cres, Losinj) in four stages.
• The race is recreational in style, and open to all participants aged 18 or above.
• The race will be carried out in teams of two people.
• The number of participants is limited to 200 teams (400 cyclists) and reserved only for persons who have applied for the race online via application form published on adriabike.hr website and have registered at the information desk which will be open at the starting point of the race. Information desk will be open a day before the race from 14:00 - 20:00 and on the day of the race from 7:00 - 9:00 am.
• Upon entering the race the participants will be asked to submit some personal data (name, address, year of birth, sex, contact number, e-mail).
• The entry has to be done in person and it cannot be transferred onto other persons.
• By entering the race participants agree to these conditions of use and rules of the race.
• Participants accept that their photo, name and other personal information is used for promotional purposes Adria Bike and third parties connected to this race without special permission, and the geographical and time limitations.

2. The competition package
• The competition package for each participant of the race includes the following: - the right to start the race - transfers of participants and bicycles (boats, buses, vans) - a meal after each stage - electronic clocking of the race - a starting number sign with attachment straps - navigational instructions sheet with map and altitude profile - indications of routes on the race track - drinks and snacks in the race track refreshment zones - emergency medical assistance in case of accidents during the race - the sponsor's gift package.

3. Minimal age
• all participants of the race must be aged 18 or over on the day of the race (must be born before April 13th 1998.)

4. Health requirements
• All participants must make sure that they are physically fit and healthy enough to take part in the race; participants must contact their doctor in order to check their health condition, granting them permission to withstand the race. Should the participant appear in poor health, the organiser may ask them to present a note from their physician when registering for the race.

5. Technical adequacy of the bicycle
• Participants are required to use bicycles that are intended for mountain cycling only and that are entirely driven by human propulsion.
• All participants must ensure their bicycles are technically adequate, especially in terms of safety (brakes), and the organiser retains the right to disqualify any contestants with faulty or inadequate bicycles.
• The organiser is not responsible if there was any damage to the participants, equipment or third party due to malfunctioning bike.
• Participant understands and accepts that he/she must take care of the safety of the bike, and if at any time notices that his equipment does not meet the requirements, must take measures to eliminate the defect. If the defect can not be removed, the participant must give up the race.
• During the race it is forbidden to use the following: - pannier bags and bicycle trailers - drink containers that are made from inflexible materials (glass, metal..) - electrically powered bicycles - tandem bicycles.

6. The contestant's personal clothing and equipment
• All participants of the race must wear a protective cycling helmet at all times during the race.
• The participants of the race must equip themselves with adequate clothing and footwear which are suitable for the weather conditions during the race.
• The participants of the race have to provide their own drink containers.
• Participants are required to bring some basic equipment and bicycle repair kit.

7. The race
• From April 19th - 23 2017. Adria Bike 4ISLANDS is hosting a four day long stage mountain cycling race, divided into teams of two people.
• The teams must stay together throughout the entire race, allowing a distance no longer than 2 minutes apart.
• The Adria Bike 4 ISLANDS stage race is approximately 270 kilometres long with 5.200 meters of ascent.
• The routes will be indicated in the instruction sheets.
• The routes will be marked on the instruction sheets for participants, as well as on the site.
• The routes will be specified within the programme of the race which will be issued on the official race web site, and delivered to the race participants before the race, or latest upon registration at the premises of the race before the beginning of the race.
• The organiser reserves the right to change the routes of the race prior to the starting of the race.
• Should the organiser provide jerseys for those leading in the placement, the team is obliged to wear them. In case the leading teams do not wear the leader jersey they will be given a penalty of 30 minutes added on to their current time spent in the race.

8. Categories of contestants
• Participants take part in the race in teams of two and will be divided into categories according to age and sex, according to the following categories: - men up to 45 yrs of age (both participants must be aged between 18-45 yrs) - men aged 45 and over (both participants must be older than 45) - women (both participants must be 18 yrs old or above) - mixed/combined team man and woman (both participants must be aged 18 yrs or older).

9. Starting number and clocking chip sensor
• Upon registration each participant of the race will be given a starting number which will have to be attached onto the handlebar of the bicycle with adequate straps, in order to make the number and signs frontally visible at all times during the race.
• The starting number must be clearly displayed on the bicycle throughout the entire race.
• Upon registration each participant will be given a chip sensor which has to be attached to the bicycle throughout the entire race.
• Upon collection of the chip sensor the participant will be asked to leave as a deposit either a personal document or a monetary deposit equivalent to the value of the chip sensor.
• Should the participant fail to return the chip sensor after the race, they will have to pay the full amount equivalent to the monetary value of the chip sensor.

10. The start of the race
• The location and starting time of the race will be stated in the programme of the race which the participants will be given latest upon registration at the location of the race.
• The starting positions will be opened 40 minutes before the beginning of the race, and the participants are required to be at their starting positions at least 10 minutes before the race starts.
• Starting positions at the first stage are determined by the starting numbers that will be given to the participants according to the order of purchasing the starting package, starting positions for the other stages will be determined by the overall ranking (results). The organizer reserves the right to choose to assign start numbers according to the criteria that organizer sets.
• Participants that arrive at the starting position after they have been closed (10 min. before start) will be placed at the rear end of these starting block, regardless of their current ranking.
• Should the participants arrive at the start more then 15 minutes post starting of the race, or fail to show up altogether, they will be removed from the ranking list.
• The participants of the race have the right to take their starting positions only when they have met all of the above listed rules.
• Clocking at the first phase of the race starts for each contestant upon crossing the start line (total time). At the other stages of the race the organiser reserves the right to a neutral start. o Stage 1 - time for each contestant starts upon crossing the start line (total time). o Stages 2, 3, 4 neutral start (clocking begins simultaneously for all participants).

11. The racing route
• The participants of the race must during the entire course of the race stick to the given routes which are described in the instructions and marked on the site.
• Adjustments or shortenings of the route are strictly forbidden. It is the responsibility for each participant to follow the racing route, and should they for any reason abandon the racing route, they will have to re-enter the route at the exact same location they have abandoned it.
• Disposal of drinking containers and waste on the racing route is strictly forbidden. Participants who do not follow these rules will be punished with the addition of time, or disqualified.
• Depending on the stage of the race each participant will have to pass through one or more control points whose locations will not be disclosed beforehand.

12. Parts of the racing routes on public roads
• The racing route will in certain parts be passing or crossing over public traffic routes which will not be closed to traffic.
• Whilst passing through the public roads the participants will be required to act according to traffic regulations of the Republic of Croatia at the same time not obstructing other participants of the traffic.
• The organiser will, in cooperation with the police, do their best to adjust the traffic control to the requirements of the race by closing off parts of the road, giving warning and pulling up the other participants of traffic as well as warning the race participants of approaching vehicles.
• All participants must be aware that throughout the whole race they are participants of the traffic and should comply with valid traffic rules. If the participant cause or participate in traffic incident or accident, applicable laws and traffic regulations of Republic of Croatia will be applied to them.

13. Refreshment zones
• On the race route depending on the stage of the race there will be two or more refreshment zones in which the participants of the race will be able to refill their drinking containers with isotonic beverages and water, and help themselves to some energy bars and fruit.
• Each participant is required to take care of their food and beverage needs during the race, the organiser will try to provide sufficient amounts in the refreshment zones, however is not responsible for shortage of food or drink on any refreshment zone throughout the race.

14. Codes of conduct during the race
• All participants are required to comply to the rules of fair play behaviour and act respectfully towards fellow participants, other persons and the environment.
• The participants of the race are obliged to ride carefully, in accordance with their skills and capability, especially when descending downhill.
• The slower participants must give way to those faster than themselves at the nearest possible position on the route.
• In the occurrence of a final sprint towards the finishing line, the participants must not change their line of movement.
• Participants must report any accidents, defects or violations of the rules that they witness during the race to the nearest official representative.
• In the event of an accident participants are obliged to give emergency medical assistance to fellow participants of the race.
• Members of a team are allowed to assist each other, however mechanical joining of bicycles (towing) is forbidden.

15. Assistance from other persons
• Participants of the race are not allowed any assistance by other persons in the way of towing, pushing or creating leeward.
• The handing out foods, drinks, clothes or spare parts by persons standing by the border of the race-track, as well as medical assistance from the organiser of the race is permitted.

16. Cancellation during the race
• Participants that are unable to complete the race are obliged to report to the organiser upon arrival at the finishing line.
• In case the participant fails to arrive at the finishing line the organiser will send out a search party with the responsible authorities at the expense of the person who is being sought after.
• In case of cancellation due to health issues the participant can report their withdrawal to any official representative of the organiser and ask for medical assistance.
• In case of a bicycle defect or an injury, one ought to if possible, move to the side of the track in order to enable free passage for the other participants of the race.

17. Timing the race
• The timing for the participants is measured individually with a clocking chip device which will be attached to their bicycle.
• Each of the participants will be timed independently from their team partner. The results will however display only the timing for the team unit. The timing of the team is defined by the time of the slower member of the team.
• The clocking chip device must be attached to the bicycle during the entire race.
• The participant is responsible for the clocking chip device during all stages of the race.
• Should the clocking chip get damaged or lost the participant is obliged to compensate for the damage incurred.
• The participant is forbidden to use more than one clocking chip.
• The participant who arrives late at the starting position will be delayed at the stages which will start by the neutral starting.
• The participant who is more than 15 minutes late at the start or fails to show up, will be listed on the daily results as DNS (did not start).

18. Completing the race
• The participant will be acknowledged for their participation in the race if they have arrived at the finish line, and have not disobeyed any of the listed rules of the race, the finish line can be crossed by foot if the participant has their own bicycle.
• Each stage will have a time limit within which the finish line must be passed (e.g. 18:00h). Any participants that do not cross the finish line before that time will be removed from the ranking list., the maximum time is not the duration (e.g. 8 hours) but the exact time of the day (e.g. 18:00h, 6pm local time).
• The organiser may extend or shorten the maximum time, information about this can be found at the information counter at the start of the race.
• Total ranking list: those teams that have completed all of the stages are qualified to enter the final ranking list.
• Finishers: any participants who have lost their team partner are entitled to continue the race and will be listed as FINISHERS without total timing in the results, providing they have successfully completed all of the stages.
• Any participants who fail to have completed one of the stages have a right to start at the next stage, but will be listed in the results as an OUT OF COMPETITION, and will not qualify for the FINISHER category.

19. Help on the road
• The organiser will provide a van which will collect any participants who cannot complete a stage, and will take them to the finishing line of the stage.
• Should the vehicle be full, the organiser will make sure to provide a second vehicle as soon as possible.

20. The results of the race and awards
• The ceremony of announcing winners within levels of competitions/ categories will be held after each stage, the organiser will subsequently announce the location of the ceremony after each stage.
• The winner announcement ceremony within competition categories, financial reward for the first three positions of the categories Women, Men up to 45yrs, Men over 45yrs, Mix.
• The awards will be granted upon the announcement of winners.
• In case the award winners fail to attend the ceremony, the organiser is not obliged to deliver the reward to its winner and the financial rewards will be forwarded to charitable causes.
• All the results will be displayed on the site location following the completion of the race and on the official web site of the event.

21. Penalties and sanctions
• Starting with the bicycle which does not comply with the rules suspension
• The starting number is attached but not visible warning
• Starting from the wrong starting position warning and time penalty
• Dangerous/aggressive cycling disqualification
• Cycling without helmet and taking off the helmet during race disqualification
• Deliberate obstruction of other participants warning and time penalty
• Threats and insults disqualification
• Failing to complete the race disqualification
• Holding onto a motor vehicle warning and time penalty
• Doping disqualification
• Disobeying the traffic regulations warning and time penalty
• Disobeying the rules of the race (route, start, control etc.) disqualification
• Dropping and leaving garbage behind during the race warning and time penalty

22. Transfers
• Luggage transfer - The organiser will provide a luggage transfer between stages of the race when needed. Participants must leave their luggage on the positions set out by the organisers and within the pre set period. - The exact schedule will be given on the event website at least 15 days prior to the start of the race.
• Transportation of participants - The organiser will organise transportation of the participants to the starting point of each subsequent stage. - The transfer will be organised by boat or bus. - The exact time of the transfers will be given on the official website at least 15 days prior to the start of the race.

23. Responsibility
• Each participant is responsible for their own safety during the race.
• The organiser takes no responsibility for possible injuries or any damage caused by a participant of the race.
• Participants of the race are upon registration required to sign a statement of assuming all risks related to participating in the race, and denouncing any claims from the organiser for the above stated.
• I am aware and agree that Adria Bike 4 Islands is a race of endurance and an extreme sport, involving danger of serious injuries, health hazards, death and/or damage to the participants and their sports equipment or any additional equipment.
• The participant is aware and understands that for the Adria Bike 4 Islands race one needs to have skills required for a mountain cycling sport, that parts of the race will be driven on rocky, narrow and steep tracks, gravel, as well as roads that are subject to weather conditions such as rain or wind. The organiser is not responsible for any damage occurrence to the participant, equipment or any third parties.
• The organiser is not responsible for any health issues of the participant during or after the race, and that it is each participant's obligation to take in sufficient amounts of food and beverage during the course of the race.
• The organiser reserves the right to ban any participants who fail to abide these conditions of use and regulations.
• The participant of the race denounces all rights to make claims from the organiser.

24. Cancellation of the race
• The organiser reserves the right to cancel or discontinue the race at any time in case of a force majeure, unpredictable situations, or safety violation of participants of the race or other persons.
• In case of cancellation of the race due to the conditions listed above, the participants of the race have no right to compensation.
• In case of cancellation of the race due to force majeure, the organiser is not obliged to return paid funds in the full amount.

25. Refund policy
• In case of cancellation a participant is entitled to a refund for the purchased entry fee in the amount of: o Up to 01.02.2016. => 70% of the entry fee value. o Up to 01.03.2016. => 50% of the entry fee value. o Up to 31.03.2016. => 30 % of the entry fee value. o After 31.03.2016. No refunds on entries. No exception.
• Participants are entitled to ask for participant's data change: o Up to 01.03.2016. => all the data. o Up to 15.03.2016. => name and surname of the participant. o After 15.03. up to 08.04.2016. => change is possible only with an extra charge of 10 EUR. o After 08.04.2016. not possible to change the data.

26. The race routes are subject to change
• The organiser reserves the right to change the routes, even just before the beginning of the race, which could result with the routes being longer or shorter than anticipated.
• The organiser reserves the right to change the location of the stage in the event of a windstorm or a major storm. In Zagreb, August 4nd 2015. HD Navigatio Ltd. Platana 12 10434 Strmec OIB 31139009858

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