RECM Knysna 200 Rules

recm knysna 200

Terms and conditions of Entry

  2. I acknowledge and agree that the RECM Knysna 200 ("the event"), is an endurance mountain bike race, is an extreme sport and that it is inherent in the event that there is the risk of serious injury, illness, death and/or damage to participants, sports and other equipment.
  3. I acknowledge that the risks inherent in the event, include, but are not limited to risks arising from my skill and ability as a mountain biker and endurance sport participant, my nutrition and fluid intake, my fitness and health prior to the event, the terrain which the event traverses, road surface, weather conditions, water conditions, vehicular traffic, the actions of other competitors, the event organizers, sponsors and their principals, representatives, agents and assigns.  I undertake and agree to seek medical or any other assistance from the event organizers, if I sense or observe and hazard or unsafe condition, or if, at any time, I feel unable to unfit to safely continue participating in the event for any reason.  I furthermore undertake to withdraw from participation in the event if advised or instructed by the organizers of the event to do so or if I, at any time, sense or observe any unusual hazard or unsafe condition and I am in any way concerned that it is unsafe for me to continue with the event or if I, in any way feel unable or unfit to safely continue with the event.
  4. I appreciate and understand the risks inherent in the event and my participation therein.  I accept these risks and confirm that I participate in the event at my own sole and absolute risk.
  5. I undertake to follow all the rules of the event and all directions and/or instructions given to me by the organizers of the event and their principals, representatives, agents and assigns.
  1. PHOTOGRAPHS:I understand that I may be photographed and/or filmed before, during and after the event.  I agree that the event organizers, sponsors and their principals, representatives, agents and assigns may utilize any photographic, film or video image or likeness of me and my name for any legitimate purpose in connection with the event or future events to be organized by the event organizers.


  1. Whilst reasonable safety and precautionary measures are taken by the event organizers to ensure my safety, the event organizers, sponsors, third party service providers to the event, private landowners who grant access to their property for the purposes of the event and their principals, representatives, agents and assignees ("the parties") do not accept any responsibility for any claim whatsoever arising from death, injury or loss and/or damage to person or property occasioned as a result of my participation in the event.
  2. I accordingly hereby indemnify and hold harmless the parties to the fullest extent possible in law, against any claims occasioned as a result of my participation in the event of whatsoever nature or howsoever caused, including, without limitation, any loss, injury, harm, illness, death or damage of whatsoever nature and howsoever caused arising directly or indirectly out of any act or omission, including negligent acts of negligent omissions by the parties, including any claim for consequential loss of damage, loss of profits or any claim by any of my dependants arising from events related to, in connection with or occasioned as a result of my participation in the event.
  3. Indemnify and hold harmless the organisers, Garden Route Events and all the participant land owners,  including but not limited to MTO Forestry, trading as Cape Pine, Garden Route National Parks and SANPARKS, Geo Parkes, Eden Municipality, Bitou Municipality, PG Bison/Steinhoff, Knysna Municipality and Knysna Waterfront, Quay Four, Knysna and Thesen Island Harbour Town  against any and all losses, injury, damage, penalties and claims of whatsoever nature and howsoever arising from or connected with my participation in this event and whether or not such claims are caused by act of omission of Garden Route Events, or anyone else.
  4. Agree to abide by all the rules as set out at
  5. I confirm that I understand the importance and the meaning of this liability disclaimer, the waiver of claims and indemnity and, that by agreeing hereto, I am waiving substantial legal rights (on my own behalf and on behalf of my dependants).  I acknowledge that I have been free to secure independent legal and/or other advice as to the nature and effect of all the provisions of this liability disclaimer, waiver and indemnity and that I have either taken such independent legal and/or other advice, or dispensed with the necessity of doing so.

Race Rules
1.       RIDERS
1.1   Minimum age of participation is 19 years on the last day of the same year
1.2   Riders must be in good health and well trained
1.3   Riders are able to select categories as: 

Masters – Both riders to be 40+ on 31 Dec of the race year – all genders

Open – Both riders to be 19-39 on 31 Dec of race year – men only

Mixed – One male, one female rider – all ages over 19 years on 31 Dec. ( Also able to select masters category if preferred)

Ladies – both ladies over 19 years on 31 Dec of race year 

Solo Ladies – all ages 

Solo men – all ages

2.       MEDICAL
2.1   During the race, Garden Route Events medical personnel reserve the right to withdraw a rider who is not deemed physically capable of continuing.
2.2   Any medical expenses incurred will be for the competitors personal account
2.3   Competitors are responsible for their own evacuation costs should the need arise
3.       BICYCLES
3.1   Only mountain bikes in good working order will be allowed to start the race
3.2   Competitors may not participate without an official race board, clearly displayed on the front handle bars
3.3   Each rider is responsible for the maintenance of his/her own bicycle
3.4   Basic bike repair will be provided by bike partners of Garden Route Events
3.5   In all cases of maintenance and repair, riders are required to complete the full distance of the stage with their bikes and within the time allowed.
4.1   Any rider not wearing a helmet at any stage, on or pushing the bike walking, will be immediately disqualified
4.2   All helmets must comply with ANSI standards
4.3   Appropriate riding attire must be worn at all times
5.1   Riders must ride together with their partners at all times
5.2   Riders who are separated by more than 2 minutes will receive a separation time penalty of 30 minutes
5.3   Team rider separation will be measured at the start and finish, water points, or at any point along the route.
5.4   More than one STP can be enforced per stage.
5.5   2 STP's will result in disqualification
5.6   STP's will be applied to stage results and to overall results
6.1   Both riders in the team must display their number boards at all times
6.2   Bike number boards are to be firmly fixed to the front of the bike, and must not be obscured by cables or other items.
6.3   Race numbers may not be tampered with or altered in any way
6.4   Race leaders and stage winners are obliged to wear the leader jerseys or number boards
6.5   A riders sponsors branding may not obscure the race sponsors branding on leader jerseys, or number boards


These items must be considered the bare minimum and it is strongly recommended that riders ensure they are fully equipped to deal with any emergency that may arise. The following items however, must be carried by the team during the race.
7.1   First aid kit containing
7.1.1          Foil survival blanket
7.1.2          First aid dressings x3 (sizes 2,3,and 4 recommended)
7.1.3          Adhesive first aid plasters x5
7.1.4          Sunblock with a minimum SPF factor of 15
7.2   Riders own personal medicine is the rider's own responsibility and needs to be supplied accordingly
7.3   At least 3 litres liquid capacity per rider
7.4   Multi tool or bike repair tools
7.5   Mobile telephone (RSA uses Dual Band GSM900/1800 – this is the same as Europe. We do not specifically provide an area in the race village for you to charge your phone. Please keep your phone off to conserve your battery
8.1   The top teams in each category will have the option to start in the first batch, if present at the start in time.
8.2   Any teams who are not in the start zones 5 minutes before the start may be required to start at the back of the field.
8.3   Riders must complete the full designated route and distance of all stages
8.4   The finish line closes at 17h00 daily, except for the last stage, which closes at 15h00, or as per the race briefing
8.5   Teams which are deemed to miss the cut off times will be swept off the route by a sweep vehicle. These teams may continue the race, but will not qualify as race finishers
8.6   Stage winners and category leaders must be present at the daily awards ceremony, and also at the final presentation ceremony
9.1   Only team times will be advertised, but individual rider times will be recorded for the allocation of STP/s
9.2   The team time is determined by the time at which the second team member passes the finish line
9.3   Riders who start later will not be credited with a late start
9.4   Any rider who cannot make the start deadline, must report t to the race organisers
9.5   The finish cut-off time will not be adjusted for riders who are permitted a late start.
10.1   GRE will not have exclusive use of any public road during the race.
10.2   All regular traffic rules must be observed at all times during the race
10.3   Only single file riding is permitted on public roads

10.4  Riders may not overtake the lead vehicle(s) in a neutral zone.  Doing so may lead to disqualification
11.1   Race registration will be as per individual event
11.2   A complete race briefing will take place per event

12.1   It is the responsibility of the individual rider to take enough fluids and nutrition with them each day
12.2   GRE will provide additional water and food at feed stations en route
13.1   Competitors may receive assistance from fellow competitors
13.2   Outside seconding , assistance or feeding is permitted in designated areas only
13.3   Outside assistance includes assisting with bike maintenance , water and nutrition support and physically assisting riders (Team members may be towed)
13.4   Bike repairs may be performed on the route, but without obstructing other riders.
13.5   Riders are not allowed to draught behind other riders not participating in the event, but may draught their team mates or other riders participating in the event.
13.6   No other form of draughting is permitted
13.7   Specific escort or seconding vehicles not provide by GRE are not permitted to follow the race route. Supporters may drive their vehicles along public roads to vocally support riders. Some sections of the route will be closed to traffic and such closure must be respected by all.
14.1   Teams which discontinue the race must inform race officials immediately. This can be done at the race village, or at water points
14.2   In the event of a search and rescue been initiated in the event of a team not informing GRE of a discontinuation, all costs incurred by such shall be transferred to the team in question.
14.3   In the event of one team member being incapable of completing the race, the race office will assist in attempting to form a new team in which the single rider can participate. The formation of a new team, however, remains the responsibility of the riders.
14.4   The formation of new teams can only be done at the end of a stage
15.1   No littering or damage to the environment in any form will be tolerated. Any rider caught in these offenses is subject to a life-long ban from GRE events, and prosecution.
15.2   Litter related to sports nutrition and feeding stations will be tolerated within the direct area of the feed station until the last rider has passed
15.3   Any rider not following the course as marked will be disqualified. No short cuts.
16.1   Any protests must be submitted in writing to the Race Director/Commisair within 30 minutes of crossing the finish line.
17.1   Riders may be disqualified at the discretion of the Commisaire or Race Director for any one of the following reasons including, but not limited to
17.1.1      Riding without a helmet
17.1.2      Littering
17.1.3      Disrespect or damage to the environment
17.1.4      Bad sportsmanship
17.1.5      Abuse of Race Officials
17.1.6      Traffic Rule violations
17.1.7      Breaking race rules
17.1.8      All time penalties will be applied to stage results and overall results and General Classification
18.1   Riders must complete the entire distance of the race, and the responsibility for following the official route lies with the rider.
18.2   A rider is not permitted to take any short cuts, or to omit a circuit, or take advantage of opponents in a similar way.
18.3   Riders, who exit the course, must return to the course at the exact location they exited.
18.4   Any walking, running or riding by a rider which takes place outside of the marked route can result in disqualification
18.5   Riders must be polite at all times, and allow faster riders to overtake without obstruction and when safe to do so.
18.6   Riders must respect the countryside and ride on the official route only. No polluting, no waste and no litter will be tolerated.
18.7   No glass containers of any kind are permitted on or near the course.
18.8   No offensive or abusive language will be tolerated. Riders may not act in an unsporting manner, disrespect marshals or officials, or ignore the race regulations
Where any additional rule interpretation is required or where specific provision for any incident has not been made in these rules, the decision of the Chief Commissaire will be final.
RULE and /or Offense
·         First offence
·         Second offense
·         Third offense
·         Remarks
·         Bicycles and Equipment
·         Disqualification
Not wearing helmet
·         Disqualification
Separation Time penalties
·         1 hour TP
·         Additional 1 hour TP
·         Disqualification
Rider Identification
·         Verbal Warning
·         10 min TP
·         30 Min TP
Repeat offenders can receive harsher sanction or DQ
·         Obligatory equipment
·         Verbal warning
·         20 min TP
·         1 Hour TP
Repeat Offenders can receive harsher sanction or DQ
·         Route and Stages
·         Disqualification
Traffic regulations
·         Verbal warning
·         30 min TP
·         1 Hour TP
Repeat Offenders can receive harsher sanction or DQ
·         Seconding and support
·         1 Hour Tp and warning
·         Disqualification
Ethical and Environmental
·         1 Hour TP
·         Additional one hour TP
·         Disqualification. A serious first offense can also result in disqualification
·         Disqualification
·         Disqualification categories
·         Minimum verbal warning
·         Minimum 1 Hour TP
·         Minimum additional 1 Hour TP
·         Repeat or serious offenses can result in Disqualification

20.1 – Whilst Garden Route Events and the Organisers of the race will attempt to do everything in their power to prevent race cancellation, they reserve the right to do so. In this event, competitors indemnify GRE against any liability and claims howsoever incurred. No refunds. No exceptions. 


Refund policy: Refunds granted upon written requests dated in accordance with the race date and as accepted upon race entry. No postponements. No refunds on postponed entries. No exceptions

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